Basic vs Standered Maths marking scheme class 10 Board Exams.

Basic vs Standered Maths marking scheme class 10 Board Exams...

Basic vs Standered Maths marking scheme class 10 Board Exams

The Maths paper will held on 12 march by CBSE,will be a litmus test for students.
Well Talking about Maths is always gives a horrible feeling for students and it's like 'Agni priksha' for them and in boards it became more massive as a monster on mind of students.But to solve this problem CBSE just launched 🚀 two kind of Maths which is Basic and Standered Maths ,for those who don't know how this basic and Standered are both different,so CBSE started this from this year that is 2019-2020 session.
But  why we got in Basic and Standered?
Many students have question why CBSE started this kinds of Maths Is the here any low amount of question in Basic Maths and high amount of question in Standered Maths?
The Answer is NO
So what's make it different?
The difference is the Marking Scheme .listen. The proper weightage will be the same for both papers only difference in the Marking scheme.
For Example:-The question of 2 marks in Standered Maths will become 4 marks question in Basic Maths.

But still have doubt why CBSE started this?
CBSE has started this scheme for students who chose their stream in 11th .students who take Standered Maths in 10th would be able to chose P.C.M(Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or P.C.B(Physics chemistry, Biology)
Or any other subject they wish to chose but in condition of Basic they Can chose only P.C.M that is physics , Chemistry, Biology or any other subject except of Maths .  Which means if you want to become a docto😃r and you are not good in Maths so you take Basic Math in10th to increase your math marks because you have to choose Biology stream in 11th but if you want to become an Engineer you have to choose Standered Maths in 10th because it offers you Math stream in 11th that is important for engineering students🤩.so I hope your doubts are clear but what about Marking scheme so here this is ..

Rembering facts,concept types question in Basic Maths:-32marks
Remembering facts,concept types question in Standered Maths:-20marks
question which would demonstrate a student's understanding of concepts questionBasic Maths:-28marks
questions which would demonstrate a student's understanding of concepts questionStandered Maths:-23 Marks

Application based questionsBasic Maths:-12 marks

Application based questions
Standered Maths:-19 marks
Analyzing, evaluation and compiling of informationBasic Maths:-8marks
Analyzing, evaluation and compiling of informationStandered Maths:-18marks .

The whole story is that in basic the Hardest question carry less marks but in Standered it will be same as previous year papers and Same with easiest one carry high marks In basic and less marks in Standered.
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