6 Websites to make money online free for students.

6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

In this Article I will be talking about 6 best  Websites to make money online free for students.

  • Twitch
  • Discord
  • YouTube
  • Fiverr
  • GoTranscript
  • Earn karo

6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

Wants to Make money Online free and if you are a student so this article is for you ,Don't go anywhere because this article can change your life definitely and here I am sharing my experience and Ideas to make money online free for students which is 💯% Geniuine and I am also given the proofs of earnings of  Millions of people through this trick, which is 6 Websites to make money online free for students which is true . Yes you hear clearly it's true. So read the whole article and Start earning online from today . You can also ask me related queries in comments box , I will respond on it within 24 hours.

Honest talks

Here I am going to share 6 Websites to make money online but you need passion ,Hard work , and skills because earning money is not that easy but it is simple so don't get stucked with the masseges like make money online easily because they are frauds . Think about it , that earning money is too easy so why didn't every one earn and became rich ,Just think About it.

I am going to share Geniuine way and trusted way to earn online but this needs hard work , passion and patience,if you don't have these three things so this post is not for you because I am only sharing original, trusted,and Geniuine ways to make money online . Iam not going to share any short cut or fruds things.

1.Games streaming :-

6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)
Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

Gaming sector is the most popular and favourite sector between youth as well as old ones .  Gaming community is rapidly increasing and going on with the massive Number of profit and this is the best way to earn online for free without any Hustle. From eSports to Tencent Gaming these Gaming community have Made billions of Dollars through gaming but the question is Can we earn online by Playing Games ?
So the Answer is :- Yes , You can Make money by playing games.

But the question is How ?
So you can make money through gaming by streaming Games online on YouTube, Twitch , Discord . There is Vast popularity of Games streaming Games online on YouTube Twitch Discord And many others Gaming platforms, games like Fortnight, PUBG,Gerena free fire are the most popular streamed games on YouTube there are many gamers on YouTube who Made $500-2500 per month just by playing games and they earn online some of the Youtubers are Dynamo Gaming , Carry Minati , Gareeboo ,The Rawknee Games , Panda Gaming , SOUL , MORTAL.

6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

If you have  passion and interest(obviouslyin this case😃) so Games are made for you go and kick out You are the New Gaming Star.

Youtubers are also made money by Sponsership from big companies like ONEPLUS.

ONEPLUS sponser Youtubers and pay A good amount of Moneyto them.
So if you have interest and good gaming skills so you can earn money  from $250-$500 per month(average) and much more.

You can easily grow on YouTube because Games streaming are most popular on YouTube.

-How to Start :-

  • Only thing You Need is the Smartphone and some streaming apps which let you stream on YouTube easily.
  • Before starting the streaming build some community on YouTubeby uploading Gameplays of Popular Games like PUBG,Garena Free Fire , Fortnight etc.
  • Once you all set, start streaming Games like PUBG , Garena Free Fire , fortnight.

-Pro Tips :-

Start streaming Garena Free Fire because it is the most popular and watched Game and it is easy as well . This will help you to grow  your channel faster .

-Warning :-

 Don't get addicted to Gaming playing games is good but overdosing of anything will destroy you so don't forget your AIM and studies this is like your part time Job You Can stream games on Weekends so thatyiur studies don't get affected .


6 Websites to make money online free for students

Go Transcript is a Global Website that pay you for converting Audio files into Text ,translation of audio file in digital writing format I:e. Typing by hearing the words. This is the best way in my opinion because we already have typing machine that is our smartphone in which we daily type tonnes of chats and words so it became easy for us to work on GoTranscript. It is the most trusted Geniuine brand who pay their users over $1billion and they are trusted by Hundreds of Multinational companies. According to them they paid their users $.70 for one minute and this is true.

 When you approved by them (Yeah there is an approval test. Don't worry I will talk about this , next okk so dont panic) You got many orders from General translation to Legal Translation and you Can earn from $150-$600 per month even more in the case of Legal Translation from $500-$750 and many more . 

So you Generally stuck that what is General translation and Legal Translation.
So the simple audio file you convert into text like audio music ,etc came under General translation it is simple and easy if you are beginner I will recommend you to take General translation orders.

In terms of Legal Translation ,You need high knowledge of Grammar and English or any other language in which you are transcripting the audio file , and this consist of Court Hearing orders , Medical Audio Files . There is one advantage of this category is that their audio quality is best because they are recorded by better recorders than General Translation recorders.

In Case of Legal Translation there is huge Responsibility for you to deliver best so in case you need some equipment like ( a good pairs of Headphones, Grammerly and many more in future we will talk about it and a whole article about GoTranscript will come) if you wanted to start Legal transcription,it require some investment butby the time and your hard work you got a massive returns in return of that investment.

-How to apply:-

You only have to Signup by the given link below and then you have to give a little test about your skills and then they will approve you in future..
But listen don't get panic that the test is so hard or this,that,that, for this I have a solution for you from GoTranscript that is their 7 days free course which is delivered to you through your Gmail Daily so here is the Day by Day learning points that GoTranscript will teach you...

  • Day1--  Lesson1--What transcription is and why it’s an invaluable skill in today’s digital world?
  • Day2-- Lesson2--Who hires transcriptionists, what it takes to become one, and the two keys to success as a transcriptionist.
  • Day3--  Lesson3 Revealing the biggest myth about Transcription
  • Day 4 – Lesson 4 – 10 signs you’re not a good fit for Transcription
  • Day 5 – Lesson 5 – How much can you earn as a Transcriptionist & what affects your earnings?
  • Day 6 – Lesson 6 – Where does transcription work come from?
  • Day 7 – Lesson 7 – What do you need to get started
6 Websites to make money online free for students

Signup for free


6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

Fiverr connects buisness with freelancer .
It is a platform where you paid for doing Fiverr's client works which is given by them .
On Fiverr You paid from $5-&1500 for each work you done for your clients.
It is the most popular, Genuine and trusted by over 950+millions of people.
You can choose over 1000 of skills in which you are good and start taking orders and get paid for that by your clients through Fiverr.

You can do any work in which you ar good and client will contact you on Fiverr for their work.

4.How it Works :-

Fiverr is cross paltform for their clients and freelancers , on Fiverr either you can work or hire any freelancer to do yourwork .
Fiverr paid users by taking money from clients when clients hire any freelancer.

-How to start:-

You only need to signup from link given below on Fiverr by selecting freelancer or client category in case you are going for money so you have to selct Freelancer category.
Complete your bio so that it is easy to understand that in which category you are good by your client.
Select the niche or category in which you are best and start earning.
Pro tips:-  Complete the given work by your client before deadline because it can increaseyour review so that you can take more & more orders.

6 Websites to make money online free for students

4.Earn karo :-

6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

Earn karo is an app on playstore and on apple store. Earn Karo Gives commission to their users for sharing product links and selling products of different ecommerce sites like Amazon, flipkart, Myntra and over thousands of sites given there .

 They pay geniuinly and they are trusted by millions of people on playstore. It is similar to Affiliate marketing but it has many more advantage than Affiliate marketing like you didn't get option of affiliate links in Myntra but here you can get paid for selling products of Mynatra and also you can make any product affiliate links just by pasting original link of that producti. Earn karo Site and there you profitable link is ready for sharing you can share this any social media platform and start earning.

-How it's works :-

Earn karo make products links which you have selected and simply you can share it with your friends on whatsapp, Facebook, whatsapp groups, etc. If any of your friend need Protein Powder so simply you have to go to Earn karo app and select Your Ecommerce site from which you want to purchase the Protein Powder, after searching the product Earn karo will give you profitable link which you can share it with your friends family members and many more .

You can easily download the app from links given below, and you can easily earn from Rs.10000-Rs.15000 per month . You can easily withdraw your money from Earn karo when you reached the given threshold which is Rs.10 in your Bank account or in wallets.

Download the app


6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

If you have passion and skill which you want to share with the world so YouTube is the right place for your talent.

 YouTube is the platform where people upload their vids and they paid for their vids when they Monetize it with Google Adsense. YouTube doesn't need any introduction because it is the most popular videos based platform where 5000hours of content uploaded every hour so you can guess how many videos will be  upload in 1 day. Everyday we use YouTube for see something new,Techlicious, Delicious and knowledgeable videos.

You can share your thoughts, Recipes , skills, education and many more, if you have talent and you wanted to share that precious ornaments with the world so you can start making videos related to your skill, talent and start uploading videos on YouTube, belive me YouTube is made for you If you Have Guts to do something new and extraordinary.

6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)

YouTube is the highest paid Platform for your talent from $100-$10000 and many more from Sponsership because once you start making good and attractive content brands will definitely contact you to tie up with them , But only thing you have to do Hard work as well as Smart work and have patience because YouTube needs patience .
From Bigginer to A full time Youtubers you can also make YouTube as your full time Job in which you are boss there is no order ,you only to do Hard work and be productive and Focused toward your Goals.

There is no restriction on YouTube to choose any category you can chooseyour favourite category Either it will be Dancing,Singing, Comedy videos or any Tech related videos.
So start following your passion in Your Life's Instagram 😉 with your Hard work and Patience.


6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Blogging is just like YouTube where you make site for free and start sharing your thoughts,skills ,and your passion with world but there is little bit chage in this category is that you have to present your
6 Websites to make money online free for students($100-$500/MO)
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Tallent in writing format and this is also advantage for this because it make your grammar strong and healthy 💪😉.

It is the most used ways to earn online but  it also need hard work and strong pateince ability and consistent is the first priority infact in every line in which you are currently working , Consistent is the main priority.

-How to start blogging:-

First, if you want to start blogging you can start from Google's Blogger as you can't invest in Domains and Hosting because you are a Bigginer. if you have some money so you  can invest in Domains and Hostingto start blogging on wordpress to get better results and monetization from the first month . In case of blogger first, you have to do blogging related to your topic for six months then you can monetize your site but blogger is still better because it doesn'treqire any investment it only need patience and hard work .

Blogging is also highest paid category like YouTube you can easily earn from $100-$5000 per months and much more from Sponsership.

Blogging is best for students because it only require passion, talent,hardwork and returns are very highwhich you can't imagine . And from Blogging, students no longer to depend on their pocket money because you can already making dollars from Blogger which is much more for you .

-Pro Tips :-

If you wanted to  earn money faster than Blogger  so you can invest in Domain& Hosting Services because this allows you to monetize your blog or site faster approx in 1month. Best buy   links are given below from where you can purchase.

-Ending Note

So   these are  the 6 ways to Make Money online for students, You can see videos on YouTube and see each topic_ to know it better and completely because I am only share my Ideas briefly so that this whole article doesn't bore 😂 you but yeah I explain all about it . So for more information you can search each particular topic on YouTube and learn completely about it and start working towards your passion, towards your goals, towards your dreams because this is the age in which You can learn better than all .

I hope you like this one , if yes so please share this article with your friends and let them also grow and start flying in the sky😇.


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