7 ways for being focused in your life.

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone...

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

 From ancient time we (human beings) achieve whatever we want by doing hard work parallel to our wish so that we can achieve that thing but , I ask you a questions for  how many days , weeks, years,or maybe hours, you are faithful to your dreams , I mean for how long you prepared for it ,from my personal experience everyone who is working toward his/her dreams/goals to made that real after some time  feel exhausted or don't want to continue that thing , but why ? The answer is Focus .
Let me take an example, guess focus a guide ,you as an Elephant and your destination as your goals/dreams/aim. When there is no guide the elephant wouldn't reach its destination and If there is no any destination elephant and guide can't  go anywhere hence from this, we saw that focus(guide) and destination (goals) are the main and important features that leads you to the path of Success.
If you are not focused in your life you can't do anything, Infact everything in the world seems like impossible by you but when you focused ,you have clear vision towards your goals and you have guts to do that , so nobody can stop you from being a successful person but the question is how we stay focused because, our mind is like a naughty monkey who can't remain still any where ?
So here  your friend comes to give you 7 ways for being focused in your life that are actually proven and used by many of millionaires and billionaires one of them Bill Gates and that thing is from ancient world that things is from Ancient culture (old is Gold) that lay your path towards your goals

1:- Meditation/Yoga

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

Meditation is the key of success from ancient books, Vedas and Purananas. It is clinical proved that meditation is the main part of staying focused and meditation, maintain and make our whole body in a peaceful state from where you can achieve your success .

From ancient time our ancestors stated that meditation is the meet-up of soul and God means when you meditate your soul comes in peaceful state from where new Ideas techniques comes out and not only it leads you towards your success but it also reduces your tension , anxiety and remove you from the Black Hole of  Depression.
So if you wants to know how to properly meditate from zero to Hero click here.

2:- Sign-Out

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

 So the second way in the list is sign out which means close all the distraction nearby you it can be your smartphone (clearly), socialmedia , fake friends and depression . Because these are the things in modern life which made 2 of the 3 people in the world unhappy and unfocused . Rather being chillingout friends wasting your precious time on social media being busy in your smartphone, Spend yourtime with family members also get you out from anxiety helps you to understand your parents and Important thing  it's give you a joy feeling and that's Important thing while staying focused or being focused because the more you fell in the shower of happiness the more your focus  level increase and leads you closer to your goals.

3:- Dividing the works into Chunks:-

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

Yes, you have to be realxed whileworking because if you do any work and if that work is lenthy or big,you thought that this work can't be completed you became unfocused.
You say that" I can't do that ,it's impossible" but if you divide that Gigantic work into small work or chunks because there is psychological believe that human do small works faster and also mentally faster without any tension or anxiety.
Let's take an Example of Jhon, He was ordered by his boss that he should complete his presentation within 20 days . So Jhon do that prestation in 15 days but how ? The answer is , he brakes his presentation in many small things like in first five days he only do research,and the second 5 days he only do script , prepare the script for his presentation and for the third 5 days he put all the stuffs in digital form and complete his presentation so this made the presentation best and for Jhon it also became easy.
So first target the deadline and then start workingon that project as listed above it made your project possible and also you  don't feel exhausted and the main priority is that you feel happy and chill.

4:- Consistent

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

Stay consistent! Is the main priorityfor being focused because if you are not focused you do nothing and for being focused towards your goals , you have to be constant i:e regularly working towards your goals . If you are not consistent you don't have a will power to do that work and you don't do any work in one day or the whole month is not sufficient for you to do that work.
For example, :-
Jhon read  for 5 hours for first day and on second day he didn't studied on second day and laterly he became lazy towards his goals .
So that is the power or Importance of the consistent that ends the lazy man living inside you.

5 :- BounceBack :- 

Bounce back means reattempt don't get demotivated if you became fail because failure is the key of success, Every day do it again because there is old story that a rope on the stone can damage stoneby too many attempt that work untill you got success so never lose your hope and say only one word to yourself that "BOUNCE BACK" there is nothing that you can't do it so always BOUNCE BACK.


7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

Health is also an important thing that is responsible for your focus ability if are not healthy you are not focused because there are some essential Hormons responsible for your state of being focused. When these Hormons secreated like .... Secreated that create a state of peace and stillness in our mind and that leads to the sky of focus ,so stay fit& stay Healthy,Eat healthy things like Homemade Food , fruits , Dry fruits, and stay away from Junk Foods and fried foods .

7:- living Space:-

7 ways for being focused in your life for students, for everyone

When you are working towards your goal . It is important to being on a peaceful and silence place because our minds work more efficiently when we are at state of peace so wherever you study,work, that place should be undisturbed and free of disturbance that should be only place where you feel peace and silence so make sure to maintain your palce with peace and uninterrupted with Disturbance and Noise.

So here are the 7 ways for being focused in your life towards your works and once you achieve these things respectively you are on the peak of your carrier or your life and no one can stop you to being a successful person.
That's all for now , if you like this article so share it with your friends colleagues and with your family, will meet you in next one .
Bye-Bye 🙏

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